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Third anniversary of anti nuke tents in Tokyo

September 12, 2014

Human chain formed to mark 3rd anniversary of anti-nuclear protest tents




An anti-nuclear citizens group held a rally Sept. 11 to mark the third anniversary of the establishment of protest tents in front of the industry ministry.

According to event organizers, about 800 people formed a “human chain” around the ministry building in Tokyo’s Kasumigaseki district. They voiced their opposition to the planned restart of nuclear reactors as well as the continuation of nuclear power plant operations.

Before the rally, supporters held a news conference in front of the tents.

“Here is a symbol of anti-nuclear activity, so we want to value it so as not to isolate it,” said writer Satoshi Kamata.

Also present was writer Keiko Ochiai, who told reporters, “For us, (the tents) are a symbol of indignation and lamentation, as well as of hope for tomorrow.”


Third anniversary of anti nuke tents in Tokyo
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