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Fuel removed from No.4 pool

December 21, 2014

Fuel removed from Fukushima reactor




Dec. 20, 2014 - Updated 18:58 UTC+1

The operator of the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant has completed the removal of nuclear fuel from one of the reactor buildings.

By Friday, the Tokyo Electric Power Company had removed 1,331 units of spent fuel as well as 200 units of unspent fuel from the fuel pool of the Number 4 reactor building.

The company opened the operation to remove the last 4 units to the media on Saturday.

The work involved lifting a cask containing fuel from the pool and transporting it to the Number 6 reactor building to transfer the fuel to the pool there.

The plant chief, Akira Onodera, says the completion of the operation marks a step forward in the process toward decommissioning the reactors.

Workers have yet to remove the fuel from the Number 1, 2 and 3 reactor buildings. The operation will be more difficult because of the high levels of radiation

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