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Toward new guidelines on nukes

January 28, 2015

Commission begins work on nuclear usage guidelines



Jan. 28, 2015 - Updated 09:26 UTC+1


Japan's government commission on nuclear energy policy has begun hearing from experts to draw up new guidelines after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster.

The Atomic Energy Commission drew criticism 3 years ago after it was found to have held secret meetings with only pro-nuclear parties, including utilities and bureaucrats. The meetings took place amid compiling of Japan's nuclear energy policy after the accident in March 2011.

The commission is now tasked with presenting basic ideas for nuclear energy use, including processing of nuclear waste, rather than a detailed plan.

On Wednesday, the commission heard from University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus Yotaro Hatamura. He headed a government panel investigating the disaster.

Hatamura said accidents will occur as long as people keep using nuclear energy, and that unseen risk will remain even if certain standards are met.

He said in that sense, the country's Nuclear Regulation Authority is correct to refrain from saying a facility is safe.

He stressed the need to draw up plans for not only evacuation but also decontamination and reconstruction, assuming the possibility of accidents.

The commission is set to compile the basic ideas in just over a year.



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