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Flounder OK in Ibaraki waters

Flounder OK in Ibaraki waters

February 7, 2015

Shipment ban lifted on all flounder in Ibaraki




Japanese officials have lifted a ban on the shipment of flounder caught off northern Ibaraki Prefecture for the first time in 3 years. They say the fish has cleared radioactive tests.

The central government ordered the ban for the entire prefecture in April 2012. This was after radioactive cesium exceeding its limit was detected in the catches.

It has since lifted the restriction on many fishing areas. But the ban continued for the fish caught in waters north of Hitachi City, which borders Fukushima Prefecture.

The latest decision means all flounder catches in the prefecture will be cleared for shipment.

Ibaraki prefectural officials have conducted 57 radiation tests since last year. They say no radioactive cesium was detected in 37 of the tests, and the other 20 found that the maximum level of cesium was below one-seventh of the government's limit.

A fisheries official says the prefecture will conduct more tests and will also make efforts to dispel persistent unfounded rumors about the safety of its food.

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