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New "likely" leak into the ocean

February 25, 2015

Highly toxic water leaks into ocean from Fukushima plant



TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Highly radioactive rainwater at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has likely leaked into the Pacific Ocean, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Tuesday, in the latest of a series of mishaps at the complex.

TEPCO said contaminated rainwater accumulating on the rooftop of the No. 2 reactor building is highly likely to have flowed into the ocean through a gutter. The company learned of the possibility last May but failed to take measures immediately.

The level of radioactive cesium in the rainwater measured 29,400 becquerels per liter, while that of beta ray-emitting substances, such as strontium, measured 52,000 becquerels, according to the plant operator.

TEPCO said no major changes in radiation levels have been observed so far in the ocean outside a bay adjacent to the plant. It will take measures such as placing sandbags with materials that can absorb cesium to prevent further pollution.

In a separate incident, TEPCO said recently that highly contaminated water leaked into the nearby bay through a different gutter, but the company claimed the water did not flow into the ocean outside the bay. The cause and the amount of water leakage remain unknown.

February 25, 2015(Mainichi Japan)


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