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Prince William in Fukushima

February 24, 2015

Abe to accompany Prince William on tour of disaster-affected Fukushima



February 24, 2015


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will engage in a bit of public relations when he shepherds Britain’s Prince William on a high-profile tour of areas in Fukushima Prefecture devastated by the 2011 disaster.

Abe and William will visit the prefecture on Feb. 28, just days ahead of the fourth anniversary March 11 of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami that triggered the nuclear crisis there.

The visit is intended to show the world how reconstruction work in stricken areas is proceeding.

“Many foreigners fled from Japan after the disaster so it holds special significance for us to demonstrate to the world the reconstruction of these areas through the prince,” said an official close to the prime minister.

It will be William's first visit to Japan. He is sheduled to arrive in Japan on Feb. 26 and stay until March 1. His wife, pregnant with the couple's second child, will remain in Britain.

Officials are still coordinating the itinerary, but Abe is expected to accompany William to speak with disaster victims in their homes.

They are also expected to meet with evacuees from the accident at the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant.

Other plans include observing indoor play areas set up after the disaster for children. At night, Abe will host a traditional dinner for William at a hot spring inn.



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