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More workers getting injured

April 30, 2015


More workers hurt in Fukushima Daiichi scrapping



Apr. 30, 2015 - Updated 22:55 UTC+2


More people are getting hurt working on decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant as the number of inexperienced employees increases.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says 63 people were injured and one died during the year through the end of March. The death resulted from falling off a storage tank.

Six people were heavily injured. 42 people had light injuries. 15 people were hit by heatstroke.

The number of injured was twice that for the previous year. More than 70 percent of them had worked less than a year.

The number of plant workers doubled to about 7,000 a day compared to the figure a year before, due to the increasing construction of water storage tanks.

The utility plans to set up a training facility where people can learn how to work wearing full-face masks as well as several gloves at a time.


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