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TEPCO lies again on wastewater handling

 June 3, 2015

NRA not informed of tainted water transfer



Jun. 3, 2015 - Updated 13:53 UTC+2

The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is facing censure for transferring wastewater that was possibly more radioactive than it originally stated. The company failed to notify Japan's nuclear regulator of the change.

In May, officials found that water sampled at 4 sites at the plant's port briefly exceeded levels of radioactivity seen previously in the 2 years since monitoring began.

It's believed the contaminated water came from a cracked and leaking hose inside the plant. The water from the hose flowed into a channel that led to the port.

Initially, Tokyo Electric Power Company said the hose contained wastewater that was a byproduct of treating contaminated rainwater.

But on Wednesday it was revealed at a meeting of the Nuclear Regulation Authority that the utility had begun adding other highly radioactive wastewater to the water since mid-May.

TEPCO says that as a result the wastewater in the hose was likely more radioactive than it initially declared.

Some of the water in the hose was groundwater mixed with extremely highly contaminated water that had pooled in the plant's basement.

The hose cracked from being bent beyond the operational limit set by the maker. The utility had also failed to replace the hose despite questions about its durability.

NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka condemned the utility for its utter failure to control the wastewater. He ordered the company to continue monitoring and reporting on its handling of wastewater.



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