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Sendai to start generating electricity on Friday 14

August 13, 2015

Sendai nuclear reactor to produce power on Friday

Aug. 13, 2015 - Updated 22:06 UTC+2




The operator of the Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima, southwestern Japan, says it will start generating electricity at its No.1 reactor on Friday.

Kyushu Electric Power has been checking the performance of the reactor's control rods and turbines after it activated the reactor on Tuesday.

The reactor has been maintaining a sustained nuclear fission chain reaction since late that night.

The firm says it has found no problems with the reactor's facilities. It now plans to begin electricity production and transmission at around 9 AM on Friday.

This will be Japan's first power generation at a nuclear station since the Ohi plant in Fukui Prefecture went offline in September 2013.

Kyushu Electric suspended the reactor's operation 4 years and 3 months ago. That was 2 months after the 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

The utility replaced some parts of the reactor while it was offline. It will carefully watch for any abnormalities in the reactor and gradually boost output.

The company plans to attain full output about 10 days after the start of power generation. It will then undergo the government's comprehensive inspection of the facility.

If no problem is found, the firm will launch commercial operation early next month.


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