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Pumping up rainwater further upstream?

September 29, 2015


Reduction of radioactive rainwater urged at plant



Sep. 29, 2015 - Updated 09:46 UTC+2


The prefectural government of Fukushima has again called on the operator of the crippled Daiichi nuclear plant to address the outflow of radioactive rainwater into the ocean after a heavy rainfall.

Tokyo Electric Power Company said on Tuesday it will deal with the leak as soon as possible, by introducing a new measure.

After a heavy downpour, rainwater flows into a drain at the plant and then flows directly into the sea. The water is thought to absorb higher-than-permitted-levels of radioactive substances while flowing through the plant site.

On Tuesday, officials from the prefecture and TEPCO met.

The prefecture's crisis management section chief Takao Kikori called on the utility to speed up the work to reroute the drainage system into the plant's port. Most of the port area is surrounded by breakwaters and other barriers.

The official also told the TEPCO officials to make greater efforts to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the ocean.

TEPCO representative Naohiro Masuda said the firm is considering pumping up rainwater further upstream from the drain in question and redirecting it to other drains flowing into the port.

Masuda said TEPCO hopes to find a spot to pump up the water as soon as possible and take action before any typhoons approach.




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