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Last cover panel removed from No.1

 October 5, 2015

Last ceiling panel removed from Fukushima reactor


Oct. 5, 2015 - Updated 05:23 UTC+2

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have removed the last remaining ceiling panel covering a damaged reactor building. It is part of efforts to take out spent nuclear fuel from the building.

On Monday, the workers used a remote controlled crane to lift the panel, measuring 42 meters by 7 meters, from the No. 1 reactor building.

Scattered debris near the spent nuclear fuel pool can now be seen from outside.

The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, says there has been no change in radiation levels around reactor buildings.

The No.1 reactor building was damaged in the 2011 accident. TEPCO installed a cover around it to prevent radioactive materials from escaping.

In July, the utility began removing 6 ceiling panels that make up the cover. Workers plan to take out 392 units of fuel from the pool in the reactor building where they are being stored.

But work needs to be done to clean up debris around the pool before removing the spent fuel.

TEPCO officials told reporters that the entire cover needs to be demolished before the spent fuel can be removed. They say top priority will be placed on safety during the process.


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