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October 7, 2015

NRA secretariat says all nuclear files for training session possibly leaked



A senior official of the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) secretariat said on Oct. 6 that it was highly likely that all of the internal documents used in one of its training sessions for its new employees had been leaked.

"We have judged that there is a high possibility that all of the materials have been released," Katsumi Matsuura, director of the general affairs division at the NRA secretariat, said at a regular news conference on Oct. 6.

The NRA secretariat has been looking into the incident, including the possibility of the internal files leaking from inside in addition to the possibility of a leakage from a translation company the secretariat commissioned to translate the documents. But Matsuura said how the documents had actually been leaked has yet to be identified.

The internal documents in question are textbooks totaling 3,800 pages used in a training session held between April and May 2014 for the secretariat's new employees as well as a total of 74 hours of training footage.

The Mainichi Shimbun had earlier confirmed that all of the textbooks and about 60 minutes of training footage had been leaked, The revelations raised questions about the way the organization handling nuclear information manages sensitive data.

The leaked documents include data on procedures to operate nuclear reactors as well as data showing water temperatures and pressure levels in reactors.

The NRA secretariat set up an in-house investigation team last month.

Matsuura said at the news conference, "We will continue to look into the matter and consider preventive measures."


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