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Miyagi "chosen" candidates refuse to host radioactive waste

December 14, 2015

3 Miyagi municipalities against hosting disposal sites for contaminated waste




SENDAI -- Three municipalities in Miyagi Prefecture that have been selected as candidates to host final disposal sites for radioactively contaminated materials told the Environment Ministry on Dec. 13 that they would relinquish their candidacies.

The Miyagi Prefecture towns of Kami and Taiwa as well as the city of Kurihara had been picked as candidate municipalities to host disposal sites for designated waste, which includes radioactively contaminated materials generated by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Kurihara Mayor Isamu Sato and Taiwa Mayor Hajimu Asano told a meeting of Miyagi Prefecture mayors in Sendai that they were unwilling to remain candidates with no prospect for construction in sight. Kami Mayor Hirobumi Inomata demanded that disposal sites be built in Fukushima Prefecture instead, saying, "All the three candidate sites are inappropriate."

The Environment Ministry, however, is reluctant to accept the municipalities' stance.

"We selected the three municipalities after a series of mayoral meetings to decide how to pick candidate sites. Given the process we have taken, the ministry cannot accept the municipalities' decision," a ministry official commented. The ministry is seeking renewed permission from the municipalities to survey the candidate sites in detail.

The Dec. 13 mayoral meeting was held at the request of the Environment Ministry. In the fall of last year, the ministry tried to conduct land surveys at the three candidate sites, but residents of Kami staged a protest against the plan.

Kurihara and Taiwa had responded positively to the plan, on the condition that assessments be conducted simultaneously in all three municipalities.

As the snowfall season has arrived in the candidate municipalities, however, for the second straight year, the Environment Ministry will be unable to carry out land surveys.



December 13, 2015


Miyagi municipalities refuse to be candidate sites



Dec. 13, 2015 - Updated 19:12 UTC+1

The mayors of 3 municipalities in northeastern Japan have announced that they will no longer propose candidate sites for a radioactive waste disposal facility.

The announcement came after the Environment Ministry made a decision to postpone its plan to start onsite surveys of 3 proposed sites in Miyagi Prefecture by the end of the year because of local opposition.

The ministry has put off the surveys for 2 straight years.

The facility would dispose of radioactive sludge and ash from the 2011 meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

During Sunday's meeting, Kurihara City Mayor Isamu Sato said he has withdrawn an offer to host a candidate site. He said he will not accept any survey as there is no plausible explanation that would convince residents to go along with the proposal.

The mayors of Taiwa Town and Kami Town also said they are refusing to propose candidate sites.

State Minister of Environment Shinji Inoue also attended the meeting. As the ministry's second-highest ranking official, Inoue said he cannot accept the mayors' refusals.

He added that the ministry believes there is no choice but to build a safe facility in Miyagi to dispose of the radioactive waste.


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