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Takahama holds emergency drills

January 11, 2016

Emergency drill held at Takahama nuclear plant



Jan. 11, 2016 - Updated 14:16 UTC+1

The operator of a nuclear power plant in central Japan started an emergency drill on Monday ahead of the scheduled resumption of operations at 2 of its reactors.

Kansai Electric Power Company hopes to restart the Takahama plant's No.3 reactor late this month and the No.4 reactor in late February.

The utility has equipped the plant with emergency devices and other equipment based on requirements introduced after the Fukushima Daiichi crisis in 2011.
It is also required to carry out a drill for a severe accident to show it can handle major emergencies.

The 3-day drill is based on a scenario in which the plant has lost cooling water due to ruptured pipes, and nuclear fuel has begun to melt.

About 80 employees are taking part in the drill. Media crews have been allowed to watch their work to cool the containment vessel of the No.3 reactor.

The employees connected cables to a power vehicle to send electricity to a newly equipped temporary pump.
They also attached a hose to the pump to inject sea water into the containment vessel, while confirming that the correct procedures were observed.

About 20 officials from the Nuclear Regulation Authority checked that the employees followed the instructions in the manuals, and whether or not they completed tasks within prescribed time limits.


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