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Takahama No.3 reactor

February 1, 2016

Kansai Electric’s Takahama pluthermal reactor back in operation


Takahama No.3 reactor


Kansai Electric Power Co. began generating nuclear power for the first time in two years and five months on Feb. 1 after a reactor at its Takahama plant here reached criticality over the weekend.

The No. 3 reactor was brought back online Jan. 29 and achieved self-sustained fission the following day.

The 870-megawatt reactor at the Takahama plant uses mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel consisting of plutonium and uranium.

It is the first facility in Japan to generate power with this mix of nuclear fuel under stricter safety standards imposed after the 2011 triple meltdown at a nuclear plant in Fukushima Prefecture.


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