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Less overweight

March 5, 2016

Fukushima children less overweight



A Japanese government survey shows that the number of overweight children in Fukushima Prefecture has decreased to the level before the nuclear disaster in March 2011.

Japan's education ministry's annual survey covers children throughout the country from age 5 to 17.

The ratio of children weighing 20 percent more than the standard level had been increasing in Fukushima until last year. Children there were said to have gained weight, as outdoor activities were restricted after the nuclear accident.

But all such restrictions have been lifted and ministry officials are promoting campaigns for more physical exercise.
Meanwhile, elementary and junior high school students in Fukushima who are refusing to go to school increased 3 years in a row to 1,785 last year. That's about 200 more than before the disaster.

An education official of Fukushima Prefecture says some children have difficulties in adapting in a new environment after changing schools due to the evacuation.



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