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Personal (and final) communication


I have decided to end my blog on March 11, 2016, fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. The date is of course symbolic and marks for me 5 years of hard, often depressing work. For the past five years, I have kept an eye on the English-speaking Japanese press for any article related to Fukushima (and the nuclear power industry in Japan).

The idea was - originally - to keep some sort of archive which could be used for instance by somebody wanting to write a book on Fukushima or to check how transparent information on nukes is or whatever. But this never materialised.

After all this time i still don’t know who my readers are or what they do with my work. And the way I work involves daily checks for fear of missing some articles. On the whole maybe not the most efficient time investment.

Not a rhythm i can afford to keep for another xxx ( ???) years.

I want to keep all this info available to the public so we are thinking, with several colleagues/friends also involved in the aftermath of 3/11, of making an e-book. The info must simply not be allowed to evaporate.

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You've helped me immensely in what I do, largely the same thing actually, but I miss so much! And you miss nothing. I will miss your blog. Good luck to you in whatever you do, and know that there are many people remembering Fukushima even now.
Thank you for your hard work. I am from France, but my daughter is half-japanese from and living in Iwaki, Fukushima.<br /> After returning from visiting her in Iwaki in June 2011, I started to circulate information about Fukushima on a Facebook group I founded in June 2011 the Fukushima 311 Watchdogs, which became the Rainbow Warriors on June 2012, and on a Facebook public page the Fukushima 311 Watchdogs, and also on two blogs: the Fukushima 311 Watchdogs blog (https://dunrenard.wordpress.com/) and the Nuclear-news blog (http://nuclear-news.net/)<br /> Your website has been very helpful to me during those past 5 years, I thank you for all your efforts.<br /> 5 years work everyday to daily check everywhere to find all possible important news, to be sure to not miss one is indeed a very strenuous work of many hours everyday. Hopefully the information sharing will have reach many people to learn how dangerous is nuclear, and to struggle to stop nuclear all over the world. Be well, best wishes.<br /> Hervé Courtois, alias "D'un Renard"
Many thanks for yout hard work.