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Reactions to court order

March 9, 2016

Fukui, Shiga govs. react to court order


Fukui Governor Issei Nishikawa says it is extremely regrettable that inconsistent court decisions have been making those in areas hosting nuclear power plants worry about nuclear power.

He made the remarks after a Japanese court on Wednesday issued an injunction suspending 2 reactors' operations at a Takahama plant.

Nishikawa says the issue of nuclear power should be dealt with by the government, including judiciary authorities and nuclear regulators as a whole, to deepen people's understanding about the issue.

He says the government, including the Nuclear Regulation Authority, need to squarely face up to the issue.

Shiga Governor Taizo Mikazuki said in a statement he sees the injunction as a decision by the court, which placed emphasis on the safety of the nuclear plant.

He says the government and operators of nuclear plants need to take seriously the continuing public skepticism about nuclear power and take every safety measure available.

Mikazuki will also continue asking the government and the industry to respond sincerely and responsibly to lingering concerns among the people in areas with nuclear plants.


Kansai Electric: Injunction is unacceptable



Kansai Electric Power Company issued a statement saying it is regrettable that the court failed to understand its claim, and that the injunction is totally unacceptable.

The utility said it will halt the No.3 reactor as ordered. But it says it will quickly take steps to lodge an objection and prove the reactors' safety to have the injunction canceled as soon as possible.




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