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Improvement in the number of workers injured

April 28, 2016


Number of injured workers halved at Fukushima



The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says the number of workers who were injured or died at the plant during the last fiscal year decreased by about half from the figure for the year earlier.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says 25 people were injured and one died during the year through the end of March.

The fatality took place in August. The worker died while cleaning the tank on a vehicle.

At least 60 percent of those injured were inexperienced people who had worked at the plant less than a year.

TEPCO says that in most of the cases, the workers had light injuries and they did not take time off from work.

49 workers were injured in fiscal 2014. The number was up on a doubling of the daily workforce to about 7,000 associated with increasing construction at the plant.

TEPCO says communication between workers has improved as the number of areas where they do not need to wear protective masks increased.

The company also attributes the lower number of injuries to its efforts to implement safety measures thoroughly.

TEPCO has set up a training facility for inexperienced workers as part of its effort to prevent accidents.


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