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Maybe everybody should visit Hiroshima

Kishida: G7 ministers can learn from Hiroshima


Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida has expressed hope that his counterparts from the other G7 countries will have a better understanding of the effects of an atomic bombing when they visit Hiroshima City.

Kishida told reporters on Friday it is very important for the foreign ministers to take a look at many things in Hiroshima with their own eyes when they visit the city on Sunday and Monday.

The city that suffered the 1945 atomic bombing will host the G7 foreign ministerial meeting. During their stay, the ministers will visit the city's Peace Memorial Park and museum. They will also offer flowers at a cenotaph dedicated to the victims.

The G7 includes three nuclear powers -- the United States, Britain and France.
Kishida also referred to the foreign ministerial meeting of non-nuclear powers held in the city in 2014. He recalled that the participants all said the visit to the city's atomic bomb monuments was an unforgettable experience.

He expressed hope that the G7 foreign ministers will have a similar hands-on experience.

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