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May 17, 2016


Oi Electric face fines over bid-rigging for Tepco equipment




The Fair Trade Commission plans to order Fujitsu Ltd. and Oi Electric Co. to pay a total of ¥400 million in fines for repeated bid-rigging in selling communications equipment to Tokyo Electric Power Co., according to informed sources.

The FTC also plans to issue a cease-and-desist order to the two electronics makers to prevent future misconduct, the sources said Tuesday.

In May last year, the FTC raided Fujitsu, Oi Electric, NEC Corp. and two other companies over the alleged bid-rigging.

Of the five companies, NEC is expected to escape the fines because it voluntarily reported its violation.

The sources said the companies have been engaged for years in bid-rigging for Tepco contracts.

In February, Fujitsu, Oi Electric and NEC were raided by the FTC over similar suspicious contracts with Chubu Electric Power Co.





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