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Icewall making progress

Friday, May 20

TEPCO: Ice Wall Making Progress


Icewall making progress

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says the project to build an underground ice wall around the crippled reactors is making progress.

The wall is designed to reduce the amount of contaminated water accumulating there.

Tokyo Electric Power Company began freezing the soil in late March to build a 1.5-kilometer barrier around the 4 reactors.

Officials want to reduce the amount of groundwater flowing into the reactor buildings that becomes contaminated with radioactive substances.

TEPCO officials say that as of Tuesday, 80 percent of the checkpoints along the wall logged temperatures below zero. They say that means the freezing work is going well.

And they assume the wall is preventing water from seeping out.

They say they will carefully monitor the wall's effectiveness.

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