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June 18, 2016


French ambassador holds dinner with Fukushima food



The French ambassador to Japan has held a dinner using foodstuffs from the northeastern prefecture of Fukushima.

The prefecture is struggling to dispel unfounded rumors and concerns about the safety of local produce following the 2011 nuclear accident in the prefecture.

Ambassador Thierry Dana invited more than 20 people to the dinner on Friday at his official residence in Tokyo. Prefectural Governor Masao Uchibori and others from Fukushima were among the guests.

The invitees enjoyed dishes cooked with ingredients produced in Fukushima, including meat and vegetables.

Ambassador Dana said he heard the prefecture is still in trouble due to radiation-related rumors even after the safety of its food products has been confirmed.

He said he wants to support Fukushima by promoting local produce. He added that foodstuffs from the prefecture go well with French dishes.

Governor Uchibori said combining local produce with French dishes is a new form of support and will help eliminate harmful rumors. He added that he wants to continue promoting the safety of the food at home and abroad.



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