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Fukushima rice back to normal?

June 2, 2016


Fukushima rice sales begin in the Middle East


Farmers from Fukushima Prefecture have started to sell rice in Doha, the capital of Qatar. This is the first time they have exported their grain to the Middle East.

Sales of rice were affected by the 2011 nuclear accident in the prefecture.

A local town government in the prefecture and the Japan External Trade Organization held an event in Doha on Wednesday to mark the beginning of sales.

Customers in a super market sampled the rice which was grown in Inawashiro Town.

An official from a local agricultural organization of the region said he hopes to expand their market in other countries in the Middle East.

Food companies and producers from Fukushima have been trying to convince overseas customers that rice grown in the prefecture is safe.

In February, they promoted their products at one of the world's largest food trade shows in Dubai. They say their efforts have led to sales in the Middle East.

They have also succeeded to export their grain to Singapore and Malaysia.


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