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Injunction sought against Ikata restart

June 2, 2016

Residents seek injunction against reactor restart



A group of residents in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan, is seeking a court injunction to suspend the restart of a nuclear reactor, claiming earthquake safety concerns.

Twelve residents filed for the injunction at the Matsuyama District Court on Tuesday. They want to stop a plan by Shikoku Electric Power Company to resume operation of the No.3 reactor at the Ikata nuclear plant in late July.

The residents point out that the Ikata plant is located about 5 kilometers from Japan's longest fault system. They say the operator must assume the possibility of significant earthquakes in the near future, after the powerful quakes that struck Kumamoto Prefecture in April. Those tremors occurred along faults linked to the major fault system.

They say that the level of earthquake preparedness claimed by the operator is not sufficient.

Another group of residents in Ehime has already filed for a similar injunction.

And residents in Hiroshima Prefecture, on the other side of the Inland Sea, have also requested a court injunction to suspend the reactor's restart.

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