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Well water for Katsurao

June 13, 2016


Well water introduced in a Fukushima village



NHK has learned that a village near the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima is providing well water to more than 40 percent of its households. Water from wells is thought be less affected by fallout from the nuclear accident at the plant.

An evacuation order for most parts of Katsurao Village was lifted on Sunday, except for some areas where radiation levels remain high.

All of the more than 1,400 residents there had been forced to evacuate. Now most of them are being allowed to return home.

The village has gradually switched the source of tap water for about 200 households, more than 40 percent of the total, from a mountain stream to deep groundwater.

Village officials say they are using water from wells more than 10 meters deep. They say the measure was taken in consideration of residents' concerns about their drinking water.

The officials say they will continue to provide a good living environment for those who wish to return to the village.


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