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End of inquiry into leak of documents

July 15, 2016

NRA secretariat discontinues probe into leak of internal training documents



The Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) has discontinued its probe into the leak of internal materials used in the training of newly recruited employees to outsiders without confirming how the information leaked, it has been learned.

Although the materials do not contain any confidential information that affects the safety of nuclear plants, the NRA secretariat's lax attitude toward managing internal information as a key government organization that deal with nuclear technology will likely be called into question.

The leaked information is comprised of documents totaling about 3,800 pages, including a textbook used for a training session for new comers in April and May 2014, and the video footage of the session totaling about 74 hours.

It came to light in March 2015 that at least some of the information had leaked outside. In October that year, the Mainichi Shimbun confirmed the leakage and the secretariat acknowledged the incident.

The NRA secretariat set up a fact-finding team, conducted an in-house investigation and probed a translation company that the organization commissioned to translate its documents into English, but failed to identify the route through which the information had leaked.


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