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Japan Atomic Power, Hitachi in Britain

Japan Atomic Power to join nuclear power business in Britain



July 8, 2016 (Mainichi Japan)

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japan Atomic Power Co., a constructor and operator of nuclear plants, said Thursday it has decided to enter the nuclear power business in Britain through an alliance with Hitachi Ltd.

Japan Atomic Power, Hitachi and its unit Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd. sealed an agreement the same day in Britain to cooperate in such areas as assessing construction costs and crafting plans toward the test operation of nuclear power reactors planned to be built in Britain.

Japan Atomic Power also said it will participate with the two other companies in the process of obtaining approval from the British government for the construction of nuclear power plants.

According to a statement released by Japan Atomic Power, it will join a project for the construction of two advanced boiling water reactors, scheduled to be built at the proposed Wylfa Newydd Power Station in North Wales.

"Taking advantage of the many years of operating experience (related to nuclear power reactors), and the know-how gained from that experience...we will help to ensure that Wylfa Newydd is built successfully," Japan Atomic Power President Mamoru Matsumura said.

After the plants are completed, Japan Atomic Power is expected to operate the nuclear power plants that Horizon Nuclear Power aims to start running from the early 2020s. Horizon Nuclear Power plans to construct four to six reactors in Britain in total.

Hitachi will be in charge of building the reactors and is eager to partner with Japan Atomic Power, as Hitachi does not have the know-how to operate nuclear power plants, sources familiar with the matter said.

Japan Atomic Power would become the first Japanese electric utility to engage in operating nuclear power reactors overseas, at a time when that business is sluggish in Japan following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Amid lingering public concern over the restart of nuclear power plants at home, Japan Atomic Power is apparently trying to boost its revenue by expanding abroad.

The company, controlled chiefly by regional electric power companies in Japan, owns nuclear reactors in the country but all of them are currently offline.

The move is also in line with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's policy goal of exporting nuclear power plant technology to other nations.

In 2012, Hitachi acquired Horizon Nuclear Power from a major German electric utility to expand its nuclear power business overseas.



July 7, 2016


Japan Atomic Power to join Hitachi’s nuclear plant business in Britain





Japan Atomic Power Co. will join Hitachi Ltd.’s nuclear power plant business in Britain, informed sources said Thursday.

The two companies will soon sign a cooperation agreement to make Japan Atomic Power the first Japanese power supplier to take part in an overseas nuclear power plant business in full scale.

Japan Atomic Power will become part of a project to build nuclear reactors in Britain, which is undertaken by Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd., a Hitachi unit in Britain, possibly engaging in licensing procedures for reactor construction.

Japan Atomic Power hopes that overseas operations will become a new source of revenue at a time when its nuclear reactors in Japan have been suspended following the 2011 core meltdowns at Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

Hitachi, which has no experience as a nuclear plant operator, asked for Japan Atomic Power’s cooperation over the British project.


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