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Signs of molten fuel in No.2

Signs of molten fuel in No.2

Thursday, June 30

Probe Spots Signs of Molten Nuclear Fuel

Workers who are trying to decommission the crippled nuclear reactors in Fukushima say they've made a discovery that might lead to the first step in the process.

They've told NHK they think they've located the molten fuel in one of the reactors.

Experts from Tokyo Electric Power Company and other institutions say it's highly likely there's still a large amount of fuel at the bottom of the No.2 reactor.

Finding the fuel has been a long and costly challenge.

Scientists developed a device that fires elementary particles called muons into the reactor, then takes an x-ray-like image.

It showed a large black shadow at the bottom of the reactor, and they saw similar shadows on the reactor walls.

Meltdowns occurred at 3 reactors after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Earlier surveys suggested the fuel in the No.1 reactor melted through the pressure vessel. But the experts have been struggling to determine what happened in reactors 2 and 3.



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