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August 2, 2016

Anti-terror facility at nuclear plant confirmed



Japan's nuclear regulator says plans for terrorism-response facilities at the Takahama nuclear plant are the first in Japan to meet its requirements.

New government regulations introduced after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident require nuclear plant operators to build standby control rooms at least 100 meters away from each of their reactors.

The special facilities allow employees to retain control of a plant's reactors even if main control rooms are destroyed by terrorists or in a plane crash.

Officials at the Nuclear Regulation Authority confirmed that the plans for standby control rooms for the No. 3 and No.4 reactors at the plant are in line with requirements. They will soon issue formal approval for construction.

The decision came at a closed-door session to maintain secrecy of the rooms' design and location.

The Takahama plant on the Japan Sea coast became the first of 7 nuclear plants in Japan to submit applications for approval.

The plant's operator, Kansai Electric Power Company, is now required to set up the facility for the No.3 reactor by August 2020 and for the No.4 reactor by the following October.

Some are criticizing the decision to restart reactors yet to be equipped with the standby facilities.

The 2 reactors at Takahama went back online earlier this year. But they were halted after a court ordered their suspension in March.



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