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August 29, 2016

Fukushima nuclear plant prepares for typhoon



The operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is preparing for the powerful Typhoon Lionrock.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says on Monday workers secured electric cables and hoses.

TEPCO says on Tuesday it will suspend work with cranes and other operations at the plant's port, which could bear the brunt of strong winds and waves. Depending on weather conditions, the firm may also call off outdoor work in other areas.

It says when the most recent typhoon approached last week, heavy rain caused underground water levels to rise and threatened to flush contaminated water into the harbor.

Workers are arranging pumps to draw up more ground water, and setting up additional pumps at wells used to observe water levels.

There were concerns in the past that a downpour brought by a typhoon could cause contaminated rain water to flow through a drainage channel into the ocean.

To address these fears, TEPCO rerouted the drainage system into the plant's inside port. It also raised the levels of barriers around tanks that store tainted water.


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Japan braces for Lionrock


People in Japan are bracing for another powerful typhoon that is approaching the main island with violent winds and torrential rain.

The Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Lionrock is packing winds of more than 160 kilometers per hour near its center. It is moving northeast at a speed of 25 kilometers an hour near the Izu Island chain, south of Tokyo.

The agency warns that the tropical cyclone will advance toward regions between Kanto, including Tokyo, and northern Japan on Tuesday.

Weather forecasters are urging people to prepare for powerful winds and high waves.

In western Japan, a cold air mass in the upper atmosphere has destabilized the weather in the region, bringing torrential rain.

Bands of well-developed thunderclouds are expected to slowly move eastward toward the Kinki and Tokai regions through Tuesday morning.

The Meteorological Agency is warning of possible flooding, landslides, tornados and other disturbances.


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