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Protestors rally at Itaka plant

 August 12, 2016

Protest rally staged at Ikata




People opposing the restart of a reactor at the Ikata nuclear power plant have staged a protest rally in front of the plant.

More than 100 protesters gathered early Friday morning at the entrance of the plant, operated by Shikoku Electric Power Company. They held flags and banners with anti-nuclear messages.

When the plant's No.3 reactor resumed operations at around 9 AM, they shouted "Stop the operations."

A woman in her 40s from Kagoshima Prefecture said she feels sad, just like she did a year ago when Kagoshima's Sendai nuclear power plant was brought back online.

She said she fears that powerful earthquakes like the ones that hit Kumamoto Prefecture, western Japan, earlier this year could occur around the Ikata plant.

A man in his 60s from Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, said the reactivation of the Ikata reactor is regrettable. He said he hopes the lawsuits filed with district courts will stop its operation.


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