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"Unreasonable cancer diagnosis"


"Unvernünftige Krebsdiagnosen" in Fukushima

Wie die Fukushima Medical University ihre eigene Studie sabotiert [in German]

In the last bulletin of IPPNW, Dr. Alex Rosen describes how the Fukushima Medical University – who is in charge of the survey on thyroid cancers among Fukushima children – is sabotaging its own work. A manoeuver of manipulation. A professor of the University is going round schools in the Prefecture, carrying this message : “It is important to offer options to participate or not participate in the examination, after parents and children reach the understanding about the meaning and limitations of the examination.”

See [in english] :【Thyroid Cancer in Fukushima】How the Thyroid Examination Should Be: “Respecting a Wish Not to Participate in the Examination”


« …The article describes how Midorikawa is "accommodating" wishes of those children who do not want to participate in the thyroid examination that might lead to "unreasonable diagnosis of thyroid cancer." The "unreasonableness" is apparently based on the opinion of Fukushima Medical University that the thyroid cancer cases found during the first 4 years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident are not due to radiation effects but simply a result of mass screening. In other words, these diagnoses are considered "unreasonable" because these cancers might never have been found until later in life without the mass screening. »

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