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Ikata: Cooling water leaks

September 1, 2016

Cooling water leaks at Ikata nuclear plant


The operator of the Ikata nuclear power plant in western Japan says it found evidence of a leak of cooling water from pipes at its No.2 reactor. That unit has been offline.

Officials say they believe the amount is tiny and there's no effect on the environment.

Shikoku Electric Power Company says on Thursday workers found a crack about 3 centimeters long on a pipe that's used for circulating cooling water for the reactor. The crack was coated with boric acid. The cooling water contains the substance.

The company believes about 10 milliliters of cooling water containing radioactive substances leaked from the crack, but says it has caused no harm to the outside environment.

The No.2 unit has been offline since January 2012, nearly one year after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

The utility suspects a boric-acid solution that remained after an inspection conducted following the reactor's suspension leaked later.

Similar parts are used in the No.3 unit, which went online in August. But the company says there's no problem with its operation as an inspection was conducted before the reactivation.

Company official Koichi Niiyama says the utility will further investigate the cause of the crack.

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