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Children's thyroid cancers not a result of overdiagnosis/screening

from Beyond Nuclear (www.beyondnuclear.com)

After Fukushima explosions, health impacts continue to surface

A recently hosted conference and unrelatedpublished paper each highlight impacts of radiation exposure during early life. At the "5th International Expert Symposium in Fukushima on Radiation and Health" held in Fukushima City, Japan, an increase of thyroid cancers among children was blamed on overdiagnosis and increased screening. However, when examining the cancer cases in detail, most had invaded other places like lungs, lymph nodes and trachea. This indicates that their surgical removal was medically necessary -- not a result of overdiagnosis or screening. Thanks to Fukushima Voice for translating information from this conference and assessing the data.


In areas contaminated with radioactive substances from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, perinatal mortality started to increase after the releases began despite a previous downward trend. These results are consistent with findings in Europe after Chernobyl. The researchers suggest "intensified research" is urgently needed on the association of natural and artificial environmental radiation with detrimental genetic health effects at the population level.





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