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US pushes NATO members to vote "no"

October 26, 2016

US urges NATO to oppose UN nuclear ban resolution



NHK has learned that the US government has urged NATO member nations to oppose a UN draft resolution proposing negotiations on a legally-binding nuclear weapons ban treaty.

The draft resolution is the main highlight of the UN General Assembly's First Committee meeting which began in New York earlier this month.

The draft submitted by about 50 non-nuclear countries including Austria calls for starting talks in 2017 to create a treaty to ban nuclear arms.

The United States and Britain, which possess such weapons, are opposed to the General Assembly resolution. Japan is under the US nuclear umbrella and has yet to decide its position.

NHK has obtained a copy of a US document distributed to NATO member countries titled "Defense Impacts of Potential United Nations General Assembly Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty." It is dated October 17th.

A letter to allies says the United States strongly encourages NATO members on the UN Committee to vote "no" on starting negotiations for a nuclear ban treaty.

An attached US analysis says a nuclear weapons ban treaty would aim to delegitimize the concept of nuclear deterrence upon which many US allies and partners depend.

The UN committee vote on the resolution will take place on Thursday.


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