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90% "low carbon" but with nukes

February 1, 2017

Japan may aim for 90% low-carbon energy sourcing



Japan's environment ministry is to call for an ambitious new low-carbon energy target.
Officials will recommend that Japan produce more than 90 percent of its energy from low-carbon sources, including nuclear power, by 2050.

Japan will present a plan to the United Nations by 2020 as required by the 2016 Paris Agreement on climate change. Experts including a panel appointed by Japan's environment ministry are drawing up the plan.

The ministry says the draft plan will include a call for Japan to source the vast majority of its electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Nuclear power, a low-carbon energy source, will also be included in the 90 percent target.

The plan would be far more ambitious than a previous government target set 2 years ago. That called for about 40 percent low-carbon sourcing by 2030.

The new plan will also recommend research into emissions trading systems and carbon taxes on fossil fuels.

This is likely to be opposed by bulk consumers of fossil fuels, such as the steel and electric power industries.


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