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Fukushima as venue for Olympics events?

February 4, 2017

Olympic organizers consider Fukushima stadium for baseball, softball events





The 2020 Tokyo Games organizers said Friday they are looking at the possibility of renovating Azuma Stadium in the city of Fukushima to host part of the Olympic baseball and softball events.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation inspected the stadium in November and requested improvements the following month, asking that turf be laid in the infield and more seats placed in the stands.

Yokohama Stadium was picked as the main venue for the sports by the International Olympic Committee in December, and the WBSC is calling for several other stadiums to be made available in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Talks with the WBSC have dragged on since, but the organizers are looking to negotiate with the confederation before getting the approval from the IOC at its board meeting in March.

“We’ll be asking to use Yokohama as the main venue and Fukushima as another,” said Yukihiko Nunomura, vice chief executive of the 2020 organizing body. “The prefecture also has room to discuss revamping.”


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