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Japan Atomic Power and Exelon

April 14, 2017

Japan Atomic Power, Exelon set up joint venture



Japan Atomic Power has set up a joint venture with a US utility, Exelon, to strengthen its overseas operations. The move comes at a time when the nuclear business is facing difficulties as a result of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in 2011.

The new company will advise operators on maintenance and efficient methods of power generation for nuclear plants that will be built overseas.

It will start off by assisting Japanese electronics firm Hitachi with its plan to build a nuclear facility in Britain.

The Managing Director of Japan Atomic Power, Takahiko Hida, will head the joint venture. He says the company plans to help with staffing and providing advice on the UK market.

Japan Atomic Power is currently not selling electricity.
It has 3 nuclear power plants in Japan, but their operations have been halted. One of the plants is ready to be decommissioned.


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