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Dancing in Fukushima

May 8, 2017

Training for new 'Hula Girls' begins in Fukushima




A group of young women have started training to become hula dancers at a hot spring resort in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan.

The dancers are called the Hula Girls, and have been the resort's special attraction in Iwaki City.

Dance training for the 12 new recruits began on Monday after one month in the employee training program. They will make their debut in August.

During the practice, they did relatively well as many of them have some dance experience.

Manami Abe from Akita Prefecture said she enjoyed the practice because she had not danced in a long time.

Anna Shimoda from Iwaki City said she has wanted to be one of the resort's Hula Girls since she was a child, adding that she will work hard to learn the dance techniques.

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