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India must confirm "no first-use" policy

May 12, 2017

Japan to end nuclear pact if India alters policy





Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida says Japan will terminate a civil nuclear cooperation pact with India if the country changes its "no first-use" policy on nuclear weapons.

Kishida made the remark on Friday in a Lower House committee session that discussed whether to approve the agreement that the prime ministers of the 2 countries signed last November.

Kishida was asked what Japan would do if India lifts its moratorium on nuclear tests and reverses its policy of not using nuclear weapons first.

The foreign minister said Japan's cooperation with India is premised on a 2008 statement by the Indian government that confirms the "no first-use" policy.

He said Japan will exercise its right to terminate the pact if the contents of the statement are changed.

The deal would allow Japan to export nuclear-related technology for peaceful purposes. It would also enable the 2 countries to exchange know-how on nuclear materials and equipment for nuclear plants.

India, which possesses nuclear weapons, has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
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