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Nuclear & non-nuclear nations still worlds apart

May 13, 2017

Nuclear, non-nuclear nations remain divided



Nuclear and non-nuclear nations have failed to narrow their differences over a proposed treaty that would legally ban nuclear weapons.

On Friday in Vienna, delegates ended a preparatory meeting for the 2020 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. There was disagreement regarding the contents of a summary report on the10 days of talks.

The write-up says delegates expressed support for negotiations that would lead to a treaty which would complement and strengthen the NPT. But nuclear and non-nuclear nations said that statement is not accurate.

The United States and France wanted the report to indicate that nuclear nations oppose the treaty.

Representatives from these countries argued that an agreement without the participation of nuclear nations would not reduce a single nuclear warhead.

Non-nuclear nations like Austria and Chile said the text should include the fact that more than 130 countries support the treaty. Those non-nuclear states believe the agreement would create momentum for the reduction of nuclear arms.

US special representative Robert Wood told reporters it will be extremely difficult for the 2 sides to bridge the gap.



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