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5 workers exposed to radiation at JAEA's research facility in Ibaraki Pref

June 6, 2017


Radioactive substance exposure at JAEA facility



Japan's nuclear regulator says 5 workers at a nuclear research facility have accidentally been exposed to a radioactive substance.

Officials at the Nuclear Regulation Authority secretariat say the incident happened at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency's O-arai Research and Development Center in Ibaraki Prefecture, shortly after 11 AM on Tuesday.

5 workers were inspecting fuel storage containers when a bag of powdered radioactive substance ripped and the contents spilled out.

The workers were wearing protective clothing and their faces were half-covered with masks, as they were in an area at risk of radioactive contamination.

Their hats and clothing were reportedly contaminated.

A maximum 24 becquerels of radioactive material was reportedly detected inside the noses of 3 of the 5 workers.

The facility tests and develops new-type fuel for fast-breeder reactors that run on plutonium.

Regulators say the material has not leaked outside the room where the spill occurred, and there has been no effect on the environment.

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