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Fukuleaks on investigations of Unit 1 refueling floor

May 4, 2017


Fukushima Unit 1 Refueling Floor Inspection Results


Nancy Foust





Investigations of the unit 1 refueling floor area took place between November 2016 and February 2017. This area has been of interest to determine if the containment cap leaked and also the conditions of the spent fuel in the pool. Diagrams are machine translated, please refer to the original Japanese document if there is any question.

The concrete and steel roof fell onto the refueling floor during the 2011 meltdowns. This has complicated efforts to characterize the conditions in the area. A scope was used to look under the roof panel. Findings from this and earlier efforts to view the refueling floor discovered that the concrete reactor well cover sections were pushed up and sideways out of the well. These new inspections found they were more dislodged than initially thought.



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