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Retreat from Olympics

June 15, 2017


Dear Friends,


On 17 June from 13:00,Hiroshi Kume,famous radio commentator is presenting

a wide-show program entitled "Should we retreat from the the Tokyo Olympic Games 2010 ?"

Olympic Gold Medal marathon runner Ms. Hiroko Arimori will be present.

Mr. Kume and Ms.Arimori have been opposing the Tokyo Olympic Games.The program will conduct

a nation-wide referendum among the listenners.

It is an extremely opportune and significant program.


The present situation in Japan is based on hiding Fukushima.The media have abandonned their mission.

The awaited decision to retreat from the Olympic now seems to be the only way to awaken Japan anf the world.

I am firmly convinced that it is inevitable. Its impact is beyond immagination.


I am sending you a communication on June 14 from the Natural Solutions Foundation, reflecting the growing concern of the

Internationa Community.

“We have posted your eBook at the Institute for Health Research Journal

web site.



Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.


Mitsuhei Murata

Former Ambassador to Switzerland



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