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S. Korea to hold debate on whether to halt construction project

June 28, 2017


S.Korea to halt reactor project for public debate




The South Korean government says it will suspend the construction of 2 nuclear reactors while the country holds a national debate on whether the work should go ahead.

The minister for the Office for Government Policy Coordination, Hong Nam-ki, announced this on Tuesday.

Hong said the office will set up a panel of experts from outside the energy sector to solicit the views of the public from an independent standpoint.

He also said the construction of the Shin Kori Number 5 and Number 6 reactors in Busan will stop while the panel conducts opinion polls and hold televised debates over the course of 3 months.

He added that a jury selected from members of the public will make the final decision on the issue.

The 2 reactors were nearly 30 percent complete as of last month. If the project is scrapped, compensation for construction companies and other costs would reach an estimated 2.3 billion dollars.

But Hong said it's desirable to create a social consensus and follow a public decision.

The move came after President Moon Jae-in vowed last week to move away from nuclear power.


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