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TEPCO tries to secure new source of revenue

July 16, 2017


TEPCO to support next-generation mobile network




Tokyo Electric Power Company plans to help mobile phone carriers in their effort to put a high-speed, high-capacity communications technology, known as the 5th generation mobile system, or 5G, into practical use.

Carriers are conducting verification tests of 5G, aiming to launch the service by 2020.

However, securing places to set up base stations takes enormous time and effort and is expensive.

People familiar with the matter say TEPCO is planning to lease its steel transmission towers to help the carriers secure base stations.

The utility will also work with a venture company "JTOWER," to launch a website on Tuesday to introduce places where base stations can be set up, such as on towers and roofs of buildings.

JTOWER is developing and installing equipment to prevent radio interference.

Carriers will be able to save on time and expenses. They will not have to search for base station locations or negotiate with property owners.

TEPCO is aiming to utilize its own assets, including towers, to develop a new source of revenue.

Development of systems and terminals for 5G technology is accelerating and will be used in a variety of areas, such as automatic driving and telemedicine.


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