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Cyberattack drill

August 28, 2017


Cyberattack drill held at Ikata nuclear plant





A cyberattack response drill has been conducted at the Ikata nuclear plant in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan.

About 60 people from Shikoku Electric Power Company, local police and the Nuclear Regulation Authority took part in the exercise on Monday.

It was based on a scenario that trouble has occurred in the control system of the No.3 reactor, which resumed operation a year ago.

Utility and regulatory officials gathered at an emergency command center and studied live footage of the reactor's control room shown on monitors.

The drill required them to acknowledge that security had probably been breached and the system hacked.

A special police cyberattack unit arrived at the plant by helicopter from neighboring Kagawa Prefecture. The officers worked with the plant team to resolve the system trouble.

The drill was held in the wake of a series of major cyberattacks targeting power plants and companies around the world.

Due to security concerns, Shikoku Electric refrained from disclosing further details of the drill. The utility says key systems at the Ikata plant have been set up to shut out access from outside sources.


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