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Japan reviews energy plan

August 9, 2017


Energy plan review begins




A Japanese government panel has begun reviewing the country's medium-to long-term energy policy. The group of experts is focusing on what to do about nuclear power generation and on ways to promote renewables.

The energy policy is reviewed every 3 years or so.

Officials from the industry ministry told the panel that, last fiscal year, nuclear power accounted for about 2-percent of the country's power supply.
Renewables stood at about 15-percent.

The current energy plan calls for nuclear power to account for 20 to 22-percent, and renewables 22 to 24-percent, in fiscal 2030.

Some panel members have requested that the plan be reviewed. Others say more discussions are necessary on whether nuclear power plants should be rebuilt or their numbers increased.

The ministry aims to complete the review by next March.

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