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Message from Ambassador Murata

Message from Ambassador Murata  (August 19, 2017)



Dear Friends,


There are symptoms that allow us to foresee an important change in Japan.

The Japanese major media seem to start shifting toward supporting the retreat from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

The Asahi Newspaper and the Mainichi Newspaper, both of them sponsoring the Tokyo Olympic Games, surprised the readers by the following frank expressions.


< Olympic preparations have given rise to such consequences as the soaring of construction costs, the shortage of workers, death due to overwork etc. The Olympic Games that sacrifices human life and health is nothing but a sheer contradiction>(The editorial of August 14,2017)


<The Tokyo Olympic Games is based on the false assertion that “Fukushima is under control”, assertion that deceives the whole world. The Abe Cabinet passed by force the law on conspiracy under the pretext of the Tokyo Olympic Games, law that could restrict human rights and menace democracy. We should at least retreat from “the sickness of the Tokyo Olympic Games!”

(The evening edition of the Mainichi News Paper of August7, 2017)


The results of the nation-wide referendum among the listeners

conducted on 17 June by the TV Asahi news anchor Hiroshi Kume’s wide-show program entitled "Should we retreat from the the Tokyo Olympic Games 2010 ?"are impressive. All age categories except “under 19 years old”

have overwhelmingly(83%) supported the retreat from the 2020 Olympic Games.


Mr. Hiroshi Kume revealed in his radio broadcast of August12 that the Olympic Organizing Committee had addressed him opposing arguments. He told the listeners that they proved their “Olympic First”position, in stead of

“Athletes First”, explaining why the Tokyo Olympic Games is taking place at the hottest period in JapanJuly21~August9. The IOC had accepted the request of 3 American television networks to make the acceptance of it the prerequisite of the candidacy. Actually, the imposed choice of this hottest period is the target of increasing criticism, because of the obvious dangers of heat strokes menacing athletes, spectators, volunteers etc.( The evening edition of the Mainichi News Paper of July 29, 2017)


In view of the unimaginable impact the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games, it could not but develop into a major political issue sooner or later.

In this connection, some former prime ministers are expected to play an important role.

Former Prime Minister Kan Naoto who experienced the 3/11 disaster while in office is engaged in pleading the world to stop

using nuclear reactors, source of humanly unacceptable consequences.

Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama voiced his opposition against it in his interview given by Japan Times a year and a half ago.

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi continues to condemn strongly the false assertion “under control”. He has established a relief fund to help American soldiers, victims of the TOMODACHI operation after the 3/11 nuclear disaster.

Among former prime ministers who have not taken position on the Olympic issue, some deserve special attention.

Former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa played a role in promoting the removal of nuclear fuel rods from the unit 4 reactor in Fukushima Daiichi.

Former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is now drawing special attention.

On August 2, the Kyodo News interviewed him. He most severely criticized Prime Minister Abe, asserting that Japan would be ruined due to his control of high ranking bureaucrats by dint of the Cabinet Bureau of Personnel Affaires established in 2014.

(Japanese version: http://yuruneto.com/hukudayasuo/)


This interview has not yet been reported abroad, as of August 20, according to the Kyodo News. Its impact is expected to be far reaching.


An important change seems to be in the making.


With warmest and highest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata

Former Ambassador to Switzerland


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